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Hora business network

The Hora business network is a networking space mainly intended and opened to the business clientele of MLT Attorneys. 


MLT Attorneys is a firm that wants to offer a space to business professionals who want to connect while benefiting from business development strategies, through training programs, coaching, and seminars during which participants will also have the chance to forge business links and create partnership, when issues of conflict of interest and non-competition do not prevent it.  


Having at heart the expansion of its business community, be it small, medium (SME) or large companies, and knowing the difficulties they may encounter, Hora is the place where the economic development of each one is the strength of all, a space where the expression of one’s objectives and business projects brings together professionals from all fields for their realization. Because Hora is a breath of fresh air in the layout of our business ecosystem.


To be a member of the Hora network, you must meet the following requirements:  

  • Have an active business for at least 2 years.  
  • Have generated sales of at least $100,000 in the year preceding membership. 
  • Have a 5-year development or expansion plan as well as a business plan and a projected balance sheet for the next three years following the membership application period. 
  • Not have been the subject of bankruptcy over the last 5 years preceding the application for membership.  
  • Not have been subject to legal proceedings for embezzlement, fraud, or breach of trust in the 10 years preceding the application.  
  • Subscribe to the membership policy and submit to the confidentiality of the information disclosed in the network. 
  • Pay the monthly membership fee by the 1st day of each month.


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      In this business networking group, you will benefit of:    


      •  A welcome kit (business essentials).  

      • Business and personal development conferences. 

      • Legal conferences. 

      • Bi-monthly business lunches or dinners. 

      • Business trips during our annual convention. 

      • Various conferences in accounting/taxation of companies, optimization, financial strategy, etc. 

      • Monthly sectorial training sessions.  

      • Our experts will be at your service. 

      • Our bi-monthly networking evening.  

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