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Civil and commercial litigation

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Civil and commercial litigation

Civil and commercial litigation

From the consultation phase to the preliminary diagnosis through the choice of the judicial strategy until the end of the procedures and the execution of the decisions, our professionals evaluate your file and regularly review with you the orientations taken for a better representation of your interests and defense of your rights.

We represent you in the following disputes:

Civil and commercial litigation; 

Litigation in real estate law (housing management and before ordinary courts; commercial leases, easement of passage, common fences, etc.) 

Construction litigation ; 

Litigations in relation to other real estate transactions and co-ownerships; 

Shareholders dispute; 

Litigation in bankruptcy and insolvency; 

Civil enforcement procedures ; 

Realization of movable and real estate guarantee; 

Dispute relating to hidden defects; 

International litigation. 

International litigation. 

Responsibility of the builders (decennial guarantee, guarantee of good functioning, guarantee of perfect completion, contractual responsibility …) 

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