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Business law, corporate and commercial Law


Business law, corporate and commercial Law

We support you step by step in your business organization process by guiding you to the legal form of business that best suits your investment needs. We assist you throughout the life of your company from its constitution to its dissolution while optimizing your business projects. We advise your shareholders, directors and officers in their commercial and corporate transactions and related matters.

Our priority is to understand the needs and objectives of our clients and to find pragmatic and creative solutions. You benefit from a personalized and dedicated service of responsive lawyers, available and competent throughout the crisis period in your personal life or your business to take the appropriate measures, both preventive and curative. We also represent parties in commercial transactions arising from insolvencies and restructurings, including liquidators and auctioneers, purchasers of assets and providers of debtor in possession financing.


Essentially, we offer the following Services:

Creation and incorporation of companies; 

Preparation, negotiation and revision of contracts; 

Mergers and acquisitions 

Sale of shares and assets; 

Liquidation and dissolution of companies; 

Drafting of stock option contracts; 

Drafting shareholders agreements; 

Corporate reorganization; 

Drafting of commercial contracts (commercial leases, franchise agreement, service contracts, etc.) 

Asset optimization (creation of trust etc.) 

Accompaniment and registration of non-profit organizations; 

Preparing business plans and obtaining a charitable number; 

Advice on individual and collective work relationships; 

Representation of your company in case of individual and collective disputes; 

Representation of your managers and shareholders in the context of business litigation (consumption and distribution); 

Keeping your corporate books;

Insolvency restructuring;

Insolvency filing and litigation;


Enforcement of creditors guarantees and rights;


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